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City Data: Area Traffic Among City’s Worst

By Sam Charles

Now it’s official. Traffic on the arterial streets of Lincoln Square, Lakeview, Northcenter, Ravenswood, Roscoe Village and the surrounding communities is some of the worst in the city. The City of Chicago recently expanded its data portal to include statistics on the average levels of traffic congestion in 29 different regions throughout the city, including Read the Rest…

City Crime Stats: Area Battery Up, Theft Down

By Sam Charles

Between Oct. 26 and Nov. 18, the Center Square Journal‘s coverage area saw 226 reported crimes, with 43 of those leading to arrests. In that period, beats 1713, 1911, 1912, 2031 and 2032 saw 48 battery incidents, 44 thefts, 25 incidents of criminal damage, 24 motor vehicle thefts and 24 burglaries. Between Sept. 25 and Oct. 25, Read the Rest…

Local Special Service Areas Act As Catalyst For Local Business Climate

By Sam Charles

Throughout Chicago, and in the Roscoe View and Center Square neighborhoods, Special Services Areas are a little-known force for improving business districts. The quasi-governmental agencies, known as SSAs and created by City Council ordinance, collect property tax levies, usually a quarter to a half percent, adding up to big dollars and big local influence. In Read the Rest…

Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber Director Resigns

By Sam Charles

The executive director of the Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is resigning, effective Dec. 1. Melissa Flynn, who has led the chamber for eight years, is stepping down to spend more time with her family and pursue consulting opportunities, according to Jason Kraus, president of the Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce. Flynn will also serve Read the Rest…

Ravenswood ArtWalk Shrinks Its Footprint, Expands Its Scope

By Patty Wetli

This weekend’s 11th Annual Ravenswood ArtWalk Tour of Arts & Industry is bigger and smaller than ever. Set for Sept. 29-30, the ArtWalk has managed to both shrink its footprint while expanding its scope. To put the “walk” back in ArtWalk, organizers limited the physical length of the event to the stretch of Ravenswood between Read the Rest…

Begyle Brewing’s Ambitious Plans Include a Kickstarter Campaign to End Shrinkage

By Patty Wetli

The owners of Northcenter-based Argyle Brewing have been busy since we last checked in with the trio: applying for manufacturing and retail licenses, getting married, changing their name to Begyle. Oh, and brewing beer, which they should be ready to sell shortly. We caught up with Begyle partner Kevin Cary one night last week at Read the Rest…

Not Your Average Garage Sale: HGTV Unloading Items at Ravenswood Production Offices

By Patty Wetli

This is not your grandmother’s garage sale. Or your neighbor’s. Or anyone you know, unless you’re pals with Martha Stewart. HGTV has wrapped up a recent production shoot in Chicago and apparently everything. must. go. By Thursday. If you’re in the market for furniture (ranging from vintage to office), paint, rugs, bolts of fabric, bar Read the Rest…

Changes Afoot for Ravenswood ArtWalk

By Patty Wetli

The Ravenswood ArtWalk’s 11th Annual Tour of Arts & Industry is still months away, but organizers are already recruiting artists and volunteers, as well as announcing a few changes to the popular neighborhood event. The tour, which has grown to more than 150 artists, is shrinking its footprint to make the walk more manageable for Read the Rest…

Glenn’s Diner Serves Up Fresh Fish and Cold Cereal

By Victoria Wiedel

Visit Glenn’s Diner for some of the freshest seafood in town, but call ahead for a reservation on the weekends.

Now You See It Now You Don’t, Magic for Sale at Auction

By Patty Wetli

We’re not saying there’s any connection to a certain boy wizard, but surely it’s more than coincidence that local auction house Potter & Potter, 3759 N. Ravenswood Ave., specializes in magicana (collectibles related to magic and magicians). This Saturday, Jan. 28, at 10:00 a.m., curiosity seekers will have the opportunity to bid on items from Read the Rest…

Sears Store on Lawrence Not On Cut List

By Mike Fourcher

Despite plans to close stores around the country, Sears Holding Corp. will not be closing its retail store at 1900 W. Lawrence Ave. or any others in Illinois. A list released by the company last night included 79 Sears and Kmart stores in Wisconsin and Indiana, but none in the company’s home state. Sears Holding Read the Rest…

El Típico Mexican Restaurant

By Victoria Wiedel

The word “típico” is defined two ways in Spanish: (1) typical, as in characteristic and (2) quaint; picturesque and full of local color. The recently re-opened El Típico Mexican restaurant at 1905 W. Foster Ave. meets both definitions. The menu is typical of other Mexican-American restaurants with an emphasis on enchiladas, fajitas, and combination platters Read the Rest…

Residential Component of Ravenswood Terrace Unveiled

By Patty Wetli

The picture of the proposed Ravenswood Station/Terrace development on Lawrence Avenue (the six-acre parcel is currently owned by Sears) became a bit clearer Thursday night at a community meeting featuring representatives from the developers of both the commercial and residential components. Approximately 30 residents and a gaggle of suits attended the detailed presentation, hosted on Read the Rest…

Bells of Ravenswood Walk to Commemorate 9/11

By Patty Wetli

In honor of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the Ravenswood community has organized Bells of Ravenswood, a contemplative architectural walk, this Sunday, September 11. The 1.5-mile walk begins at 3:00 p.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church, 4550 N. Hermitage Ave. The route passes a number of other churches, many of which will open their doors Read the Rest…

You’re Invited to Indie Wed’s Faux Wedding

By Patty Wetli

Picture “Wedding Crashers,” without the crash part. You don’t know the bride or groom and you didn’t bring a gift but you’re totally invited. Indie Wed and the Ravenswood Event Center are teaming to present a faux wedding as an alternative to the traditional bridal expo, complete with cocktail hour and reception. Engaged couples, mark Read the Rest…

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