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Change Underfoot at Rockwell ‘L’ Station: Rotting Wood Platform Replaced

By Patty Wetli

CTA riders who board Brown Line trains at the Rockwell station will have noticed a rather obvious change underfoot. The entire wood plank platform is being replaced. Again. In December 2010, an investigation by the Better Government Association revealed that the wood planking, installed at Brown Line stations during the $530 million renovation project completed Read the Rest…

Center Square Burglary Stats by District

By Laura Pearson

Center Square Journal obtained statistics from the Chicago Police Department showing the total number of cleared burglaries (forcible entry) in Districts 17, 19, and 20—the three districts in our coverage area. The graph shows the number of burglary incidents for 2008, 2009, and through May of 2010 (representing the most recent statistics available for this Read the Rest…

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