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A Star-Spangled Fourth of July Tribute: ‘This Is My America’

By Patty Wetli

Yesterday we introduced you to the City Life Supplement. (Haven’t read the post yet? Clink the link, we’ll be here when you get back.) Today we offer up this audio clip from the most recent CLS production, “The America Show,” recorded June 30 at Transistor. It’s a lovely bit of storytelling, courtesy of Matt Lyle, Read the Rest…

City Life Supplement: The Best Live, Recorded, Theater, Radio, Sketch, Improv, Comedy, Drama, Music Show Podcast You Haven’t Heard of…Yet

By Patty Wetli

And now, for the latest episode of As the World Sighs. Shay is about to marry Dustin, the evil twin of her true fiance, Justin, who’s been kidnapped and held in a bunker … without Wi-Fi. Without Wi-Fi! As the World Sighs is just one of the creations of the City Life Supplement, a collection Read the Rest…

Transistor Solves the Cultural Omnivore’s Dilemma

By Patty Wetli

Lots of people turn their passions into businesses, opening up bakeries, bike shops or pet boutiques. Andy Miles just happens to like music. And art. And books. And movies. And photography. And live performances. When he founded Transistor in 2009 (originally located in Andersonville, now at 3819 N. Lincoln Ave. since fall 2011), the idea Read the Rest…

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