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Sara McIntosh Revives the Art of Shoemaking

By Patty Wetli

Stepping from Winchester Avenue into the cobbling studio of Sara McIntosh, which also doubles as the Chicago School of Shoemaking, feels a bit like visiting one of those historical colonial reenactment communities (*cough* Williamsburg *cough*), minus the actors in period costumes. But while the tools of the craft are virtually the same as those used Read the Rest…

From Photography to Knitting, Classes Are Right Around the Corner

By Patty Wetli

How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? Totally transformed your life yet? Yeah, me neither. But if you were serious about getting creative in 2012, learning a new skill or dusting off an old hobby, you won’t have to look far for inspiration. You say you can’t boil water? The Chopping Block, 4747 N. Lincoln Read the Rest…

Teach Yourself Some New Tricks; Classes for Photography, Sewing and More

By Patty Wetli

Feeling in a rut? There’s no excuse to stay there with so many creative opportunities right around the corner. Chicago Photography Center, 3301 N. Lincoln Ave., offers classes for everyone from budding shutterbugs to advanced professionals, in both digital and film formats. One-day workshops and certificate programs are also available, as well as free basic Read the Rest…

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