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Theft, Burglary Most Common Area Crimes, City Stats Show

By Sam Charles

Police beats 1921 and 1922, which that encompass Roscoe Village and West Lakeview, saw 144 total reported incidents between Sept. 14 and Oct. 14. In that time, the most common incidents were: 55 thefts, 23 burglaries, 20 batteries, 17 incidents of criminal damage and nine motor vehicle thefts. The area also saw three assaults, three Read the Rest…

CAPS Meeting: Property Crime Tops Area Incidents

By Sam Charles

Since the last meeting for Police Beat 1922, theft and burglary have been the most common crimes within the area, with 24 and 14 respective reported incidents since the last meeting on Sept. 19. The latest CAPS beat meeting, held on Oct. 17 at Revere Park, 2509 W. Irving Park Rd., brought out only a Read the Rest…

Ask CSJ: Report of A Home Invasion

By Mike Fourcher

From time to time we get questions from readers about happenings in the neighborhood. Yesterday we got a question from Chad Allen, who writes: “There have been an increase of break-ins around our little area. A friend of ours had her condo busted into near the corner of Damen and Addison. The CPD told her Read the Rest…

Burglars teach residents how to keep their homes safe

By Samantha Abernethy

The Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce invited former burglars to teach people how to keep their home safe. Area resident Mehran R. Sorouri shared with us what he learned. Sorouri is a chiropractic physician from Global Chiropractic and Rehab Center on Belmont at Damen. Here are some notes he took from the event as a Read the Rest…

Center Square Burglary Stats by District

By Laura Pearson

Center Square Journal obtained statistics from the Chicago Police Department showing the total number of cleared burglaries (forcible entry) in Districts 17, 19, and 20—the three districts in our coverage area. The graph shows the number of burglary incidents for 2008, 2009, and through May of 2010 (representing the most recent statistics available for this Read the Rest…

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