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Beat 2032 CAPS Meeting: Trash Talk

By Cody Prentiss

Beat 2032‘s monthly CAPS meeting, held last Thursday, July 29, at Ravenswood Evangelical Church (4900 N. Damen), covered neighborhood issues both new and old. Sgt. Jeffrey Sacks said burglaries saw a sharp increase from the previous month with 13 incidents, in addition to 33 reported incidents of theft. A few arrests have been made, including Read the Rest…

Burglaries On the Rise Near West Lincoln Square

By Hunter Clauss

The number of reported burglaries near the west side of Lincoln Square has increased compared to February and April of last year, according to?20th district police sergeant Jeff Sacks. During this week’s CAPS meeting for the 20th district’s 2011 beat, Sacks told residents that reports of burglaries have increased to 13 from 9 last year. Read the Rest…

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