Mutual Gains from Non-Profit Donation

By Ricardo Villarreal | Monday, October 1, 2012

McPherson students are read to from a new book

Students at McPherson Elementary received the gift of a good book on Friday; several hundred in fact. The donation was made on behalf of the non-profit group, We Save Lives (WSL), and included a total of 656 new books, at a cost of $6,500.  Employees of Projé Inc., a corporate sponsor of We Save Lives, found that even in the age of the iPhone, unlimited data, and apps for kids, it’s important to step back from the innovations and focus on the fundamentals.

“We met with Principal Mendoza to learn about how we could best serve the school,” said Violet Stephens, President of Projé Inc. ”Although there are many needs, we agreed the best use of our donation would be books for the lower elementary library, which was limited considering the size and diversity of the school.”

An unveiling of the newly stocked library was held that morning for the first through fourth grades, during which the kindness of the donation was repaid in full through the children’s expressions alone.

“We let the kids in and their eyes just lit up,” said Susan Hoffman, Marketing Director at Projé. “Everyone was so greatful. The staff and the kids. Just to see their smiles makes it so great and we’re really happy we could help out.”


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