CPS Releases LSC Results; Waters Elem Candidate Gets Most Votes

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids and parents enter Burley Elementary School's gates. Credit: Laura Pearson

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from Center Square Journal, the Chicago Public Schools released complete Local School Council election results this afternoon, a full week after the elections were conducted.

6,613 candidates ran for community, teacher, parent and non-teacher staff representative positions. While over 400 candidates received no votes at all, Waters Elementary School parent representative candidate Terri Versace received the most votes of any candidate in the city, 271 in total. Waters Elementary Parent Representative Candidate Christine Weldon received the seventh most votes of any candidate, 249.

The highest vote-getter of any Roscoe View-area school was Burley Elementary Parent Representative Darcy DeWolfe with 168 votes. Ms. DeWolfe is the out-going chair of Friends of Burley Elementary School.

A list of LSC election results for Roscoe View-area schools can be found below. Results for Lake View High School and Lane Tech can be found here. A complete city-wide list can be downloaded here.

School Member Type First Middle Last Votes
AUDUBON Community Elizabeth Pancik 37
AUDUBON Community Alicia Haller 22
AUDUBON Community Louis J Jendry 6
AUDUBON Community Nathan G Jones 6
AUDUBON NonTchStaff Rachel House 4
AUDUBON Parent Alex M Pramenko 67
AUDUBON Parent Maria Griffith 60
AUDUBON Parent Nicholas Hardgrove 60
AUDUBON Parent Jonathan D Fairman 47
AUDUBON Parent Barbara Kantrow 46
AUDUBON Parent Jill L Bass 38
AUDUBON Parent Danielle I Wiley 29
AUDUBON Teacher Lourdes M Valenzuela 11
AUDUBON Teacher Margaux G Tuck 7
BLAINE Community Kathryn J Schott 38
BLAINE Community Julie M Hicks 33
BLAINE NonTchStaff Maria E Holst 3
BLAINE Parent Tony Porfirio 120
BLAINE Parent Gina M Abbatemarco 100
BLAINE Parent Deborah Prince 88
BLAINE Parent Andrew T Thackray 84
BLAINE Parent Julia A Swift 76
BLAINE Parent Paula J Patrick 71
BLAINE Parent Theresa H Culver 69
BLAINE Parent Erica A Salem 62
BLAINE Parent Alferdita Merkel 59
BLAINE Parent William R Gladden 55
BLAINE Parent Phyllis A Wright 49
BLAINE Teacher Ellen K Brenner 35
BLAINE Teacher Kristin L Pagel 24
BLAINE Teacher Jeanne M Hartrich 20
BLAINE Teacher Jeffrey S Mills 18
BLAINE Teacher Graciela Alcozer-Mendoza 10
BURLEY Community Lisabeth C Weiner 54
BURLEY NonTchStaff Thaddeus K Knaus 11
BURLEY Parent Darcy J DeWolfe 168
BURLEY Parent Esmeralda Borrero 150
BURLEY Parent Diane B Cohen 118
BURLEY Parent Christophe P Wilson 116
BURLEY Parent Rebecca A Daly 104
BURLEY Parent Tamra R Nelson 94
BURLEY Parent Deborah A Benjamin-Koller 90
BURLEY Teacher Carolyn A Skibba 12
BURLEY Teacher Jennifer L Moos 10
HAMILTON Community Patricia Craig 28
HAMILTON Community Matt Noll 18
HAMILTON Community Clayton Jirak 4
HAMILTON NonTchStaff Graciela Kierna 11
HAMILTON Parent Steve Hoffman 44
HAMILTON Parent Michelle Sheridan 43
HAMILTON Parent Stacey Paradis 40
HAMILTON Parent Evan Makela 34
HAMILTON Parent Scott Kalmus 25
HAMILTON Parent Steven Borowski 23
HAMILTON Parent Kari Hayden 23
HAMILTON Teacher Paige C Nilson 10
JAHN Community Sharon M Kennelly 18
JAHN Community Marjory R Reimer 13
JAHN NonTchStaff Walter W Massa 11
JAHN Parent Edith V Flores 23
JAHN Parent Alejandra Mejia 21
JAHN Parent Yasenia Roman 17
JAHN Parent Jemimah K Evans 15
JAHN Parent Patricia Landaverry 15
JAHN Parent Kelly A Ray 11
JAHN Teacher Gustavo F Guerra 34
JAHN Teacher Diane A Koliarakis 29


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  • Kentt Joseph

    How could 400 candidates receive “no votes at all”? Didn’t they at least vote for themselves?!

    • vouchey

      It does seem funny, doesn’t it? From what I can tell, most of the candidates with no votes are from schools with low turnout. It may be that those candidates signed up and then decided they didn’t really want the job.

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