CPS Releases LSC Results; Waters Elem Candidate Gets Most Votes

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Waters Elementary LSC Parent Representative Candidate Terri Versace received more votes than any other LSC candidate in the city. Photo from Ms. Versace.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from Center Square Journal, the Chicago Public Schools released complete Local School Council election results this afternoon, a full week after the elections were conducted.

6,613 candidates ran for community, teacher, parent and non-teacher staff representative positions. While over 400 candidates received no votes at all, Waters Elementary School parent representative candidate Terri Versace received the most votes of any candidate in the city, 271 in total. Waters Elementary Parent Representative Candidate Christine Weldon received the seventh most votes of any candidate, 249.

In addition, candidates from Bell Elementary, Amundsen High School and Coonley Elementary were some of the highest vote getters in the city, the result of a significantly higher LSC election turnout in the Center Square-area than in other parts of the city.

A list of LSC election results for Center Square-area schools can be found below. A complete city-wide list can be downloaded here.

School Member Type First Middle Last Votes
AMUNDSEN HS Community Jeremy Custer
AMUNDSEN HS Community Nathan Hutcheson
AMUNDSEN HS Community Jeffrey Newman 220
AMUNDSEN HS Community Michael Cohen 217
AMUNDSEN HS Community Brendan O’Connor 199
AMUNDSEN HS Community William Helm 193
AMUNDSEN HS Community Juanita Garcia 44
AMUNDSEN HS Community Bernard Heidkamp 39
AMUNDSEN HS NonTchStaff Alexander Perez 17
AMUNDSEN HS Parent Mary Evans 69
AMUNDSEN HS Parent Irene Muñoz 51
AMUNDSEN HS Parent Sharon Jones 48
AMUNDSEN HS Parent Melva Vega 43
AMUNDSEN HS Parent Alfredo Orozco 38
AMUNDSEN HS Teacher Christian E Pedersen
AMUNDSEN HS Teacher Tanya A Bateson 65
AMUNDSEN HS Teacher Alden S Reed 46
AMUNDSEN HS Teacher James D Doyiakos 38
BELL Community Kathryn S Reuther 74
BELL Community Daniel J Borchers 47
BELL Community Alexander Dee 46
BELL Community Patricia M Payne 28
BELL Community John F Martin 27
BELL Community Matthew A Zaute 23
BELL NonTchStaff Melissa A Barribeau 9
BELL Parent Jessica J Ekern 224
BELL Parent Julie W Coffman 214
BELL Parent Ellen N Rosenfeld 175
BELL Parent Anne W Lokken 148
BELL Parent Theresa Martinez 142
BELL Parent Irving Gorman 120
BELL Parent Edward P Bovich 117
BELL Parent Ross F Silverberg 106
BELL Parent MaryAnn Merikoski 68
BELL Teacher Nicole Tsamoulos 25
BELL Teacher Jennifer A Runions 18
BUDLONG Community Peter Trivizas 38
BUDLONG Community Polyzoes Gavaris 28
BUDLONG NonTchStaff Vicky Hallm 11
BUDLONG Parent Barbara Stewart 55
BUDLONG Parent Yolanda Donates 45
BUDLONG Parent Joy Ferstein 42
BUDLONG Parent Rodger B Germino 42
BUDLONG Parent Omar Rodriguez 39
BUDLONG Parent Vera Karakasheva 32
BUDLONG Parent Faten Abdalwahab 26
BUDLONG Parent Eugenia Lialios 26
BUDLONG Teacher Angelita Perez-Figueroa 28
BUDLONG Teacher Anna Garbis 18
BUDLONG Teacher Shmeran I Youkhana 18
CHAPPELL Community Heidi Kafka 37
CHAPPELL Community Eddie L Sylas 20
CHAPPELL Community Kregg T Brooks 14
CHAPPELL Community Susan H McCoy 10
CHAPPELL Parent Eric P Rojas 35
CHAPPELL Parent Brandee M Tavano 29
CHAPPELL Parent April R Butz 19
CHAPPELL Parent Debbie A Collado 18
CHAPPELL Parent Rosalinda A Carrasquillo 16
CHAPPELL Parent Michael J Fischer 11
CHAPPELL Parent Gina C Sehwail 10
CHAPPELL Teacher Carlos A Casia 8
CHAPPELL Teacher Carol L Adolphus-Castro 7
COONLEY Community Fares Zanayed 197
COONLEY Community Timothy P Gibbons 162
COONLEY Community Jeremy R Custer 112
COONLEY Community Marisa J Kurk 21
COONLEY Community Tsann-Yang Song 21
COONLEY Community Jason A Engel 20
COONLEY Community Clayton T Jirak 8
COONLEY NonTchStaff Maribel Ramos 14
COONLEY Parent Douglas J Mulderink 175
COONLEY Parent Jeff D Jenkins 171
COONLEY Parent Beneen I Prendiville 169
COONLEY Parent York M Chan 129
COONLEY Parent Thomas R Evans 124
COONLEY Parent Samuel A Holloway 93
COONLEY Parent Catherine E Marchese 73
COONLEY Parent Allison W Freedman 71
COONLEY Parent Ron Schwartz 48
COONLEY Parent Jason S Blum 41
COONLEY Parent Tamiko L Acevedo 27
COONLEY Parent Andrew T Cunningham 21
COONLEY Parent Thomas J Okon 17
COONLEY Teacher Eileen T O’Hara 12
COONLEY Teacher Heather A Murphy 8
LAKE VIEW HS Community Jacquelyn E Rosa 68
LAKE VIEW HS Community Henry J Kurzynski 63
LAKE VIEW HS Community Michelle A Ramirez 62
LAKE VIEW HS Community Elizabeth B Cisneros 50
LAKE VIEW HS Community Steven D Bines 48
LAKE VIEW HS Community Stephanie L Biederman 46
LAKE VIEW HS Community Mitch M Gordon 33
LAKE VIEW HS Community Jonathan L Miller 27
LAKE VIEW HS Community Lauren E Garry 19
LAKE VIEW HS Community Daniel J Borchers 13
LAKE VIEW HS Community Brady K Jones 11
LAKE VIEW HS Community Mark C Ahlheim 6
LAKE VIEW HS NonTchStaff Diana T Hershfang 13
LAKE VIEW HS Parent Angela D Wells 64
LAKE VIEW HS Parent Nicola A Nolan 56
LAKE VIEW HS Teacher Matthew P Fasana 41
LAKE VIEW HS Teacher Steven L Blair 28
LAKE VIEW HS Teacher Felicia A Carparelli 27
LAKE VIEW HS Teacher Vonzele D Reed 23
LAKE VIEW HS Teacher Vyjayanti Joshi 18
LANE HS Community Karl H Schroeder 120
LANE HS Community Luke J Howe 71
LANE HS Community Frank Carter 26
LANE HS NonTchStaff Margaret E Hug 27
LANE HS Parent Lisa E Applebaum 137
LANE HS Parent Norma I Vega 130
LANE HS Parent Deborah M Taus-Barth 125
LANE HS Parent Maria O Bougher 109
LANE HS Parent Carmen Mendoza 69
LANE HS Parent Angelo A Torres 69
LANE HS Parent Gigi Kane 51
LANE HS Parent Michael P Quigley 31
LANE HS Parent Iris A Concepcion 29
LANE HS Parent Susan M Boush 24
LANE HS Parent Adenia L Linker 18
LANE HS Parent Martha Barbiaux 17
LANE HS Parent Carmen Vidal-Hallett 17
LANE HS Parent Jennifer Jackson 15
LANE HS Teacher Leroy S Jarka 80
LANE HS Teacher Michelle M Daly 63
MCPHERSON Community Robert F Farster 40
MCPHERSON Community Katherine E Osgood 32
MCPHERSON Community Jacob D Hebert 19
MCPHERSON NonTchStaff Mariela Barrera 7
MCPHERSON Parent Steve Sul 47
MCPHERSON Parent Greta D Madigan 44
MCPHERSON Parent Michael E Carlson 40
MCPHERSON Parent Janet I Agranoff 30
MCPHERSON Parent Laura K Patton Van-Busk 27
MCPHERSON Parent Tammy M Perlmutter 14
MCPHERSON Parent Alfonso Martel 10
MCPHERSON Teacher Michael F Gallagher 30
MCPHERSON Teacher Mary T Warnicki 21
MCPHERSON Teacher Michael D Golub 19
MCPHERSON Teacher Giovanna Atteo 11
RAVENSWOOD Community Mary E Lubben 99
RAVENSWOOD Community Brian D Ban 45
RAVENSWOOD Community Michael P Brandfon 42
RAVENSWOOD Community James A Erwin 28
RAVENSWOOD Community Joseph R Tollefson 5
RAVENSWOOD NonTchStaff John V Allison
RAVENSWOOD Parent Gregory R Janes 89
RAVENSWOOD Parent Jennifer L Boyle-Tucker 58
RAVENSWOOD Parent James A Barrios 56
RAVENSWOOD Parent Carlos Beals 46
RAVENSWOOD Parent Matthew R Borst 41
RAVENSWOOD Parent Jessica H Ashley 26
RAVENSWOOD Parent Tracey E Amato 25
RAVENSWOOD Parent Edie M Babbitt 24
RAVENSWOOD Parent Jacob Dancer 23
RAVENSWOOD Parent Adam D Airhart 21
RAVENSWOOD Parent Kathryn E Hinz 20
RAVENSWOOD Parent Karen Gordon 11
RAVENSWOOD Teacher Priya Manocha
RAVENSWOOD Teacher Colleen M Mcveigh
WATERS Community Robert W Konow 4
WATERS Community Jason M Rieger 10
WATERS Community Jesse R Brannan 13
WATERS Community Sarah E Dockery 19
WATERS Community Jay R Hoffman 20
WATERS Community Leah C Welty-Rieger 20
WATERS Community Jacqueline E Gaines 24
WATERS Teacher Carla M Griffin 24
WATERS Teacher Hermelinda Garcia 27
WATERS Parent Maria E Cardenas 40
WATERS Community William Baker 41
WATERS Parent Gloria E Jacobsen 41
WATERS Parent Dawn M Guerra 61
WATERS Parent Mariuxi K Benitez 202
WATERS Parent Hugo D Siguenza 215
WATERS Parent Matthew P Weinstock 225
WATERS Parent Gregory J Foster-Rice 228
WATERS Parent Christine B Weldon 249
WATERS Parent Terri T Versace 271
WATERS Community Tracey L Brownrigg

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