Wolcott’s On Montrose Is Open For Business

By Erica Wiley | Monday, January 24, 2011
Address: 1834 W. Montrose Ave.
Phone: 773.334.4848
Website: http://www.wolcottschicago.com/

Photo from Wolcott's website.

I have watched the building at 1834 W. Montrose transform from paper-covered windows to a bustling now open-for-business institution. Finally, Wolcott’s is open for drinkers and eaters!

Those skeptical few out there might believe Wolcott’s is just another bar in a city of endless bars. But, skeptics hold your tongue. This establishment is different.

Wolcott’s is unlike other bars because it is theme-less. Going there does not require a special occasion, holiday or event in order to visit.

For instance, you don’t have to have an insane interest in country/western music or be from Ireland or have Jay Cutler’s number tattooed on your face to join in the fun at Wolcott’s.

Although, sure, it does offer drink specials for the playoffs and for other sporting events, but an interest in sports is not a necessity to fall into any category or demographic to be a patron of Wolcott’s.

In fact, the most popular time since it has opened has been, well, all the time. Sunday through Saturday, at all hours of the day and night, Ravenswood citizens are gathering at Wolcott’s.

Plus, it is one of only two bars—”bars” meaning a place dedicated to serving wine and spirits, rather than a restaurant that serves alcohol—in the area.

They serve food, too: bar fare with an upscale slant, like andouille sausage corndogs.

My favorite part, besides the convenient location, is the beautiful wooden decor inside. Plus, the owner and the wait staff are very friendly.

Overall the place has a homelike feeling about it. It is almost as if you are at home drinking a beer with some friends, instead of down the block at Wolcott’s meeting new ones.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been meaning to get over there and try it out.

  • Anonymous

    I may stop in for a beer tonight.

  • Anonymous

    So did you guys check out Wolcott’s? What did you think of it?

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