Rosded Thai Restaurant

By Victoria Wiedel | Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Address: 2308 W. Leland Avenue
Phone: 773-334-9055

Rosded Restaurant. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

Our area is known for countless Thai restaurants (lucky us!). Quietly tucked away just east of Western Avenue sits Rosded, where home style Thai cooking has been efficiently served for over 30 years.

One of my cousins who lived in Thailand remarked that this is the type of food he would get when invited into someone?s home for dinner. Inside Rosded actually feels like a living room, where diners and plants complete for space at the dozen or so tables available.

After more than a year, we are still working our way through the menu. The rainbow of curries, plus a variety of meat options (including their version of BBQ pork), combined with noodle choices in varying degrees of thickness (rice vs. egg) means you could dine at Rosded every night for over two months and not eat the same thing twice. And that?s not counting the soups (which are large enough for a meal on their own).

Crazy Noodles, Yum Catfish, Red Curry with Chicken and Rama Noodles. Credit: Sarah Hogan

Those familiar with Thai food will recognize many names on the menu. If you?re tired of regular Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Broccoli Beef, Rosded offers Rama Noodles, Tom Yum Shumai soup, Kong Ped Roast Duck, and Yum Catfish (crispy fish topped with cashews, julienne green apples and lime juice dressing).

Most entrees run in the $6-$7 range and portions are substantial. Seafood and duck dishes are slightly higher in price, and protein portion size can be smaller in those entrees.

I find Rosded?s peanut sauce to be thicker and sweeter compared to others, and their vegetables are rather crunchy/undercooked (but that means you?re getting all the nutrients, right?). Their ?spicy? dishes might fall short of expectations, but there are plenty of condiments available if you want to ramp up the heat.

Rosded may not be sleek, but it?s a good value and the variety keeps its fans coming back for more.


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  • Suzanne Elder

    Yeah, yeah, Everest, Tru, Blackbird. They’re nice but Rosded? It’s my all time favorite restaurant. My friends and I have been going here since it opened. We’ve started our babies on bean sprouts here. It’s a warm and happy place that’s just delicious. I wholeheartedly recommend Rosded.

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