Slim’s Diner

By Erica Wiley | Monday, December 13, 2010
Address: 2020 W. Montrose Ave.
Phone: 773.878.7546
Website: http://www.slimschicago.com/

Slim's opened recently at 2020 W. Montrose Ave.

It has always been my goal to be live near good eateries. I judge the city I live in solely by the quality of food it offers. Before I lived in Chicago, my neighborhood had the best Mexican joint, the best Italian ristorante, the best locally-owned café and a good Chinese take-out joint. All in all, everything I wanted to eat was within three miles of the center of the town. Now that I reside in the Windy City, it’s harder to choose between restaurants.

There are just too many to choose from. On my block alone, there are six restaurants. Foodies like me love to try new and interesting food joints, but finding high quality restaurants with delectable food options are hard to find. Plus, one of my requirements is that the food be low-priced yet blow-my-mind delicious. With these provisions, it is sheer lunacy to find a restaurant that fits. Recently, Slim’s on 2020 W. Montrose opened up.

Walking westward toward Lincoln or Western, one will see its bright red, black and white 1950s-esque décor.  Looking at the menu, the wallet will be pleased. In fact, the highest priced item on the menu is $6.45. The owner and operator, born and raised in Chicago bought the place after a Mom n’ Pop type hot dog stand closed.

Slim’s features diner-like cuisine and is definitely a place to splurge on calories. I cannot speak for others, but when I have a large salad for lunch, without salad dressing or soda pop, I appreciate a good hunk of meat and carbohydrates for dinner. Slims is definitely the place for the latter. Although I was advised to get the chicken sandwich, I chose the Steak Sandwich instead.

The curly fries greatly outperformed the Philly-style Cheesesteak at Slim's.

The steak sandwich, which seemed like a viable Philly Cheesesteak alternative, but was not up-to-par. The meat in the sandwich was too hard and flavorless, and my craving for Philly Cheesesteak was not curbed.

I did devour the curly fries with cheese, which were the best curly fries I have ever eaten. These curly fries were on fire. Hot, delicious, well seasoned, the curly fries were very tasty. A big hit.

Overall, I will try Slim’s again because I am a sucker for a good hot meal that is close to home with prices that won’t break the bank. But I will steer clear of the steak sandwich and get the curly fries again.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree this place is somewhere I would go back to. Good fries! I got the italian sausage and was very happy. since its been really cold I got a cup of the chicken noodle soup which had so much flavor. The guy told me he makes it. Very affordable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Licia-Macaluso-Rabitoy/1604557323 Licia Macaluso-Rabitoy

    I stopped in to this new restaurant in my neighborhood at 2020 W Montrose in Chicago. The name of the place is Slims. First I want to comment on how clean cut and polite the staff is. They are the best. Then I want to say the restaurant is decorated beautifully in a 50′s or 60′s style & is nice and clean. Now the hot dogs… They are plump, tasty and juicy like you always wish a hot dog would be and most times are not. The trimmings taste wonderful I don’t know how they do it. The fries are a generous portion of home cut fries that are deilicous. But today I had an Italian beef. I ordered it with sweet peppers and some giardiniera on the side. After arranging the giardiniera I took a bite and was transported to the moon. My mouth was so happy. The texture of the bread was even perfect. The prices affordable too. I suggest everyone try this place. I can’t find one thing wrong with this restaurant. It gets 5 gold stars.

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