Mediterranean Grill: My Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant

By Erica Wiley | Thursday, February 9, 2012
Address: 4609 N. Lincoln Ave.
Phone: 773-293-4491

Small lentil soup, from the Mediterranean Grill, arguably the best item on the menu, pureed with onions and spices. Comes with an entree or by itself with pita bread. To drink: strong Persian Tea. Credit: Erica Wiley

Ignore the mundane restaurant name and the strange shotgun-style space, and give Mediterranean Grill and Cuisine a try. After more than a few visits, Mediterranean Grill, 4609 N. Lincoln Ave., is my favorite restaurant in Lincoln Square and is definitely one of my top ten favorite Chicago restaurants.

A short walk from my apartment, I hit Mediterranean Grill for dinner dates, to grab some carry-out, and solo for lunch. Each time is a delight.

Finding a great lunch spot before noon is usually difficult, if not impossible, which is why I often make a beeline for The Grill, which opens at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday (and closes at 10:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday). For lunch, they offer a lunch special between until 3:00, with your choice of beef or chicken shawarma or baba ganoush with a tomato or veggie sampler. Generous side servings of hummus and pita bread are standard.

Potato Chop, as an appetizer, three potatoes stuffed with beef, onion and spices on a bed of vegetables. Credit: Erica Wiley

My Mediterranean Grill standby, however, is the lentil soup with the potato chop as an appetizer. Do not leave without trying the lentil soup, especially nice on cold, blustery days. The flavorful soup is made up of soft lentils pureed with vegetables, finely bits of onion and a mild Middle Eastern spice. Entrees, which average around $13, comes with your choice of soup and pita bread.

As an appetizer, the potato chop comes with three breaded potatoes stuffed with beef and onion and spices on a bed of radishes, lettuce and a carrot for color. With the soup and the potato chop, I usually order the Persian Tea, bringing my bill to a very affordable $12 before gratuity.

Mediterranean Grill is BYOB, with no corking fee. They also have free WiFi but no website for the restaurant.



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  • Anonymous

    I think it was good- but FAVORITE restaurant in Lincoln square? Here are some additional places I suggest…..  LM, BrownTrout, Sola, Prix Fixe, Bistro Campagne…… those are a few of my favorites.

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