La Cabana de Don Luis

By Victoria Wiedel | Friday, March 26, 2010
Address: 5157 N. Lincoln Ave.
Phone: 773-271-5176

La Cabana De Don Luis Mexican Restaurant on Lincoln near Foster. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

Finding a great taqueria can be as difficult as driving through Wrigleyville during a Cubs game. Some people are drawn to certain taco fillings or salsas, but a good taqueria offers a boatload of food for less than the cost of our annual public-library fines.

Case in point: La Cabana de Don Luis. I discovered this taqueria while wandering north on Lincoln Avenue one day, and I retrace my steps whenever I crave flavorful, cheap, freshly prepared Mexican food in huge proportions.

Vegetarian Huarache (foreground), Huarache with "al Pastor" pork (background) with habanero salsa. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

You?ll find the usual suspects here: giant burritos ($5), taco ($1.50), tostadas ($3), and tortas ($4).?La Cabana de Don Luis also offers seafood entrees ($8 to $12), big bowls of soup ($7 to $8), and it’s BYOB. Pork proves to be the best option for filling?either the al pastor (which is like gyros) or the cochinita de pibil (which is a slow-roasted suckling pig). Rice and beans are included with entrees or available a la carte, and they can vary in quality depending on the day. The large plate of guacamole for $4 is a real steal.

I recommend Cabana de Don Luis to our friends and neighbors because of the special touches. You can order quesadillas or huaraches (which are open-faced, fully loaded tacos) on handmade tortillas for $3, and their vegetarian burritos are?just as tasty as their meat-filled doppelgangers. The friendly, helpful servers don?t mind when you get really specific with your order. And in addition to the traditional red and green salsas, this taqueria offers a bright orange habanero variety that will make you feel like you just licked the sun.

La Cabana de Don Luis stays open till midnight and offers delivery ($3) in case you can?t make it “up north.”


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