Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

By Victoria Wiedel | Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Address: 5159 N. Lincoln Avenue
Phone: 773-293-6992

Jimmy (top) readies a slice for the oven while his pleasant assistant wrestles with another. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

Everyone has an opinion about pizza. I’m from Wisconsin, so my opinion about pizza is that it is a good thing no matter what form it takes. Most other people have stronger opinions about the shape of the pieces, what’s on top, how the dough is made, and how it’s baked.

Those of you searching for New York-style pizza can rejoice now that Jimmy’s Pizza Café has opened (5159 N. Lincoln Ave.), taking over the former Crema space on the busy Foster Avenue corner. Here pizza is sold by the pre-made slice (around $3), or in 20” pies with a wide variety of topping choices (starting at $20). The large slices are perfect for folding like a taco while eating (which is the way I told they should be eaten), and filling enough for a quick lunch.

Heartier appetites will appreciate the two-slices-and-a-canned-soda deal ($7), and healthier appetites will gravitate towards the fresh salads in the case (Jimmy’s House Salad for $7 includes generous portions of toasted walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, and dried cranberries). You can mix-and-match slices based on what’s available, and you’ll want to make one of those the “White” ones if you love garlic.

Slices are reheated in one of those large, conveyor-belt toaster ovens, which isn’t a bad thing as long as the pie hasn’t been sitting out for a while. Ingredients seem to be very high quality, so if you’re worried about freshness you might want to call ahead or order a whole pie.

Stromboli (bottom left) bides its time while the "White" and sausage pies rest in the warming case. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

It looks like Jimmy isn’t afraid to branch out (I heard he’s selling wings now), and on a recent visit we sampled the “breakfast pizza” (foccacia with a variety of breakfast meats…$$$) and a spinach Stromboli (the calzone’s longer, flakier cousin) $$$.

For some reason Jimmy also makes beignets (rhymes with BenGay but tastes much better), which are deep-fried pillows of dough liberally dusted with powdered sugar ($2.75 for an order of 3). But I’m going to save room next time for the “Ginormaongous Choco-chip” cookie ($1.75). Beverage options are limited to canned/bottled drinks plus Intelligentsia coffees. Jimmy’s is NOT a BYOB establishment.


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