El Típico Mexican Restaurant

By Victoria Wiedel | Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Address: 1905 W. Foster Ave.
Phone: 773-754-8962

El Tipico restaurant has re-opened across from its former location on Foster Avenue. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

The word “típico” is defined two ways in Spanish: (1) typical, as in characteristic and (2) quaint; picturesque and full of local color. The recently re-opened El Típico Mexican restaurant at 1905 W. Foster Ave. meets both definitions.

The menu is typical of other Mexican-American restaurants with an emphasis on enchiladas, fajitas, and combination platters that most diners will find familiar. For the most part chicken and beef are the filling choices, but there are a few shrimp and fish dishes as well as several vegetarian options. Most dinners run in the $12-$15 range and are accompanied by the ubiquitous rice and beans and small lettuce-avocado-tomato salad that you can find just about anywhere.

Chicken enchiladas and vegetable fajitas make for a filling, although not entirely exciting, meal. Credit: Victoria Wiedel

There are some nice touches, like a choice between flour or corn tortillas and flavorful table salsas, but my dining companions and I did not find the food to be very memorable. And at these prices, I would rather get my fix at one of the local taquerias.

But I do understand why several neighbors have eagerly awaited for El Típico to reincarnate itself across the street from its former location. The restaurant’s environs are definitely full of color and very welcoming, offering plenty of space for couples as well as families and groups. Service is smooth, competent and very friendly.

Currently they are BYOB while they wait for their liquor license.


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