Cho Sun Ok Restaurant

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Address: 4200 North Lincoln Avenue
Phone: (773) 549-5555

Cho Sun Ok Restaurant

Always crowded, tiny Korean restaurant. Not much English spoken here.


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  • Flaco

    The food is great. I don’t care about how small the space is, the food is yummy in my tummy!

  • Jeff

    I ate there shortly after 5:00 PM on a Saturday with the Mrs. after a long walk up and down Lincoln Avenue. I won’t be returning soon.

    The staff was not friendly and would not answer my questions about the menu. When I insisted that I wanted the salt-crusted fish, I was refused. Instead, the waitstaff insisted that I eat a fried beef dish. They brought it out, but I found it to be too heavy, oily, and unappetizing. Indigestion followed. The dozens of sides/condiments was a refreshing change of pace, but I couldn’t get any explanation of what anything was.

    Two stars for the fun and interesting side dishes, but no more because of poor service (including the distinct impression that they wanted me out of there ASAP) and refusal to bring me the dish I ordered.

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