Pupuseria Buen Sabor

By Victoria Wiedel | Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Address: 4911 N. Western Avenue
Phone: 773-878-1001

Buen Sabor is located in a small storefront on Western Avenue. Photo by Victoria Wiedel.

Pupusas have landed in Lincoln Square, along with several other tasty Salvadoran treats, at Buen Sabor (which loosely translates to “good taste”).

I’ve never been to El Salvador, but I’ve been eating pupusas for several years, so even though I’m a gringa I feel qualified enough to highly recommend this friendly little dining room that just opened on Western Avenue north of Lawrence.

Pupusas are made by encasing a variety of fillings in corn dough (masa) and pan frying them so that they’re slightly crunchy on the outside. Filling options at Buen Sabor include pork, chicken, beans, cheese, and loroco (small unopened buds of a Central America plant with herbal overtones).

They are served with mild and spicy salsas and vinegar-based Salvadoran slaw called curtido. An order of two to three pupusas ($1.75 – $2 each) makes for an affordable and filling meal (and a cheap date!).

Pupusas with cortido (cabbage salad), a Salvadoran tortilla, and tomato salsa make a tasty dinner combination. Photo by Victoria Wiedel.

But you don’t want to fill up on pupusas and miss out on the other antojitos—small appetizers or snacks that range from $1.75 to $6. There are tamales, pastelitos, fried cassava/yucca with various toppings, and the Salvadoran tortilla (a crispy corn coaster topped with black bean puree, ground meat, and fresh veggies).

After one bite, I became addicted to the Empanadas de Leche: plantain-lined turnovers stuffed with “pudding”—a dense custard that reminds me of eggnog. I think I’ll start ordering them for dessert.

In addition to these antojitos, Buen Sabor serves egg dishes for breakfast ($6), lunch specials ($5), and entrees such as flank steak ($8.50), chicken stew ($7), and fried fish ($9). Weekend specials include “Salvadoran style” chicken sandwiches ($6.50), fish soup ($10), and fluffy corn tamales ($5).

As soon as the weather cools down, I’ll sample their corn atol (a thick, sweet beverage made with fresh corn). But in the meantime, I’ll continue working my way through the snack list.


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  • Saturnine

    Didn’t this location used to be a pupusaria before? I thought there was a place there that moved over to Montrose. Is this the same owner as before?

  • VictoriaW

    Yes there used to be another pupuseria here (or very close by) which moved to Montrose, but I do not believe these are the same people. Their restaurants have different names and the food is better at Buen Sabor (in my opinion). Buen Provecho!

  • Eric Sinclair

    We tried (and failed) to go this weekend, but they were closed without explanation. Crossed fingers nothing major has gone awry!

  • Victoria Wiedel

    We revisited last week and everything seems fine. Eric must have just had bad timing (wah wah).

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