What Contingency Plan? Parents in the Dark About What Happens if Teachers Go on Strike

By Patty Wetli | Friday, August 31, 2012

Chicago's teachers may strike Sept. 10. Credit: Flickr/JeanPaulHolmes

As the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools traded announcements yesterday — CTU setting a strike date of Sept. 10 and CPS issuing its contingency plan for students — parents were left scratching their heads.

How will CPS dole out its $25 million in emergency funds? Where’s the list of the 140+ schools that will provide kids with activities and supervision in the event of a strike? Is the Park District really extending day camps?

“When I do ask questions, it seems like nobody really knows,” said Wendy Vasquez, CPS parent and co-president of Friends of Ravenswood School. Few current parents remember the last strike in 1987; some might not have been born. “I think people are confused. My sense is folks aren’t sure what to expect.”

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