Embrace Your Inner Child at Uncle Fun

By Kelly Reaves | Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Uncle Fun describes itself as “a unique purveyor of fine goods and accessories deigned to restore the whimsical nature with which you arrived on this planet.”

It’s true, I dare you to visit the store (located at 1338 W. Belmont Ave.) and keep your eyes from brightening up like a kid in a candy store. Uncle Fun carries a wide array of fascinating objects beyond the typical toy store scope which can come in handy in unexpected ways — I have personally purchased items there ranging from fake dog poo to a very strange Cheryl Ladd poster in which it appears somebody has pasted a chartreuse “modesty top” onto her torso. Even if you’re not looking to add to your collection of wacky home furnishings and party supplies, it’s a great place to kill some time.

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