New to Parenting? Form A Must-Have Network of Support

By Ellie Ander | Monday, July 25, 2011

Not too long ago (22 months to be exact) I was brand new mommy and wondering how in the world was I supposed to give my baby the very best attention while dealing with a sea of change and an ocean of hormones. Also, how was I supposed to accomplish simple tasks–like taking a shower and perhaps shaving every once and a while? Or getting used to the idea that my new bundle was also now my bathroom buddy. 22 months later Ty is a little maniac, and still wants to go wherever I go.

So, how did I survive the past 22 months? We get by with a lot of help from our network of support. I feel so lucky to have found a great network of support through Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago (NPN). I joined NPN just after becoming pregnant, and shortly after giving birth to Ty, I joined a NPN New Moms Group (which was free, BTW). All seven of us started out as strangers, which, was a little awkward and intimidating at first, but I soon looked forward to attending my weekly NPN New Moms Group. Sleep deprived to the brink of hallucinations, we would laugh and sometimes cry over similar milestones, celebrations and frustrations we were feeling. We still get together as often as possible and Ty and I now call these strangers our friends.

If you’re a brand new mommy with an infant age 2 months through 5 months, please take a moment to visit the NPN New Moms Group page to learn more about this wonderful program. You will not regret it!

Ellie Ander is the Marketing and Advertising Director for Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago (NPN), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to providing Chicago parents what they need to navigate parenting in the city. Visit www.npnparents.org for more great info, events, and connections.

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