What’s Happening to the Lincoln Square Mural?

By Karl Klockars | Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photo by Karl Klockars.

The “Shades of the Black Forest” mural, created by Lothar Sanchez-Speer nearly 20 years ago with help from local high school students, has seen some changes made to it recently as the Lincoln Square Athletic Club (LSAC) prepares the building for its arrival. As dust flies and the paint chips away, what lies in the future for the mural that’s looked down on the intersection of Leland and Lincoln Avenues for decades?

Thankfully, the mural remains safe—mostly.

As renovation of the building continues, the top few feet of the mural have been removed as well as a square in the upper right corner towards the front of the building, revealing old “ghost signs” beneath.

Tasha James, Membership Advisor for the LSAC, told Center Square Journal that the mural will not be removed from the wall, and that they’ve contacted Sanchez-Speer who will “come in and fill in what gets changed.”

As renovations continued, crews discovered that the brick beneath the mural was in bad shape.  Rather than remove it outright and then replace it, LSAC chose to reinforce the wall in order to save the artwork.

While the mural will indeed survive, expect the current reduced appearance to be in place for a while.  With more construction to come, the piece’s restoration could come “dead last,” according to James.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=790794286 Robert Nagy

    Glad to hear that. What is happening to the glass tile mosaic on the side of the building facing the parking lot near Old Town School??

    • Anonymous

      Good question! We’ll look into it.

      • Anonymous

        The owner of the store located there (glass works) has been selling tiles to raise money for a charity – I believe it Breast Cancer research but could be wrong. My guess is that he is waiting on more tiles to be sold before putting them up.

  • Anonymous

    So will they be replacing the “Northern Home Furnishings” sign/advertisement within the mural (see bottom center of the photo above) with an “LSAC” sign or reference? If they do, hopefully it can be a cute little homage to the original — and if they don’t, that would certainly be an odd remnant to preserve.

  • Anonymous

    That mural is devoid of any artistic expression and is just creepy.

    Replace it, we can do better.

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  • http://spudart.org/ spudart

    I wonder when the artist will “come in and fill in what gets changed.” It’s been 18 months since this blog post and the mural remains the same. Personally, the missing parts don’t bother me all that much, it adds sort of an aged patina to the mural. BUT, it would be nice to see the parts filled in, to prove that the mural is cared for.

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