Weekend Break-In At Winestyles

By Sam Charles | Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winestyles, at 1433 W. Belmont Ave., suffered no major losses after a break in last Saturday morning. Credit: Sam Charles

West Lakeview’s Winestyles was broken into this past weekend, at approximately 3 a.m. Saturday, according to Denise Cody, the shop’s owner. The lone offender did not taken anything of value, she said.

The suspect threw a rock through the front window of the shop, located at 1433 W. Belmont Ave., triggering the alarm system. The suspect then waited to see if police would arrive. Once the suspect deemed the police were not on their way, they entered the shop, taking some wine description cards and a few bottles of wine of the way out.

“They were in an out in about 27 seconds,” Cody said.

She also said that police told her that criminals often pick that time to execute their plans because local bars are closing and that often requires a heightened police presence.

Cody said that police have some leads on who the suspect may be, but could not elaborate further.

She offered up a piece to advice to other business owners looking to minimize potential burglary damage.

“Always leave the cash drawer empty and open, it’s saved us in two burglaries.”

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