We Ask ‘Why Are You Voting?’

By Sam Charles | Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Credit: Sam Charles

Illinois is a definitively blue state, with its 20 electoral votes most certainly going for the reelection of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. But since the state’s presidential and vice presidential choice is a foregone conclusion, why did residents feel compelled to get out to the polls? As the weather became more and more grim, so too did peoples’ willingness to discuss their voting rationale. But those who were willing to share why they got out today did not disappoint.

Zach Miller, who voted at Sulzer Library. Credit: Sam Charles

“I voted because I think it’s the most important thing we have to do. It is the only way we can have a legitimate government and it’s the way that we can have a government that we can have some vague amount of power over.” –Zach Miller.

Rachel Hunter voted at Burley School. Credit: Sam Charles

“Democracy in action. I realize [Illinois] is a pretty blue state—not that my vote doesn’t matter, because I still think it does. I just wanted to put my opinion in there.”–Rachel Hunter.

Steve Plock also voted at Burley School. Credit: Sam Charles

“There’s no question this is a huge election. This is only the second time I’ve voted in the general election. It definitely feels different than last time. I think there’s a larger divide between the two parties. They seem drastically different, whereas four years ago the focus on the topics was different. It’s almost like we’ve gone backwards. I think social issues have become a lot bigger in this election than in the past and peoples’ livelihoods are more at stake.” –Steve Plock

Beth Niemczyk cast her ballot at Chicago Engine 112 fire house. Credit: Sam Charles

“I wanted to use my voice to pick my representative… [and] I wanted to show my daughter that it’s important to take advantage of civic opportunities.”–Beth Niemczyk

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