Voters Converge On Amundsen HS for LSC Election

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, April 20, 2012

Amundsen High School. Credit: Mike Fourcher

In a sure sign that community members care deeply about the future of Amundsen High School, 912 441 parents and community members voted in the school’s Local School Council election yesterday. This year’s vote total, almost twice more than four times the 221 people that voted in 2010, came amidst the retirement announcement of Principal Carlos Munoz, heavy election coverage from this publication and a series of anonymous attack autocalls against one of the community representative candidates.

Update 4/20 2:51p – A number of parents and candidates called to say that the total voters was 441, and the total votes was 912. We apologize reporting the incorrect number, it was the total supplied by the school clerk over the phone. When we called at 2:45p to confirm the actual number again, the clerk had left for the day.

In contrast to Amundsen’s big turnout, Lake View High School drew less than a hundred parent and community voters and Lane Tech drew “around 350″ according to a school clerk.

As with elementary school results, not every high school was immediately willing to share LSC election results. Staff at Lake View High School were unwilling to share results over the phone until a Chicago Public Schools central office staffer interceded.

“Schools have been notified that they should release names and results,” said CPS spokesperson Jamila Johnson. “There is a policy and it is in the election guidelines. Schools are aware of this and how they should.”

CPS Official LSC Election guide, is not so clear however. It merely states, “The Principal must post the vote totals for all candidates in a publicly accessible spot in the school after the count is final on election night.” [Emphasis from the original.]

Following are the vote totals from area high schools.

Amundsen High School
Total votes - 912

Parent Representative (only five candidates)

  • Sharon Jones – 48
  • Melva Vega – 43
  • Irene Munoz – 51
  • Mary Evans – 69
  • Alfredo Orozco – 38

Community Representative

  • Jeffrey Newman – 220 (winner)
  • Michael Cohen – 217 (winner)
  • William Helm – 193
  • Brendan O’Connor – 199
  • Bernard Heidcamp – 39
  • Juanita Garcia – 44

Lake View High School
Total vote unavailable at publication.

Parent Representative (only two candidates)

  • Angela Wells – 64
  • Nicola Nolan – 56

Community Representative

  • Jacquelyn Rosa – 68
  • Henry Kurzynski – 63

Lane Tech High School
Total vote unavailable at publication.

Parent Representative

  • Angelo Torres – 69
  • Deborah Taus-Barth – 125
  • Carmen Mendoza – 69
  • Norma Vega – 130
  • Lisa Applebaum – 137
  • Maria Bougher – 109

Community Representative

  • Carl Schroeder – 120
  • Luke Howe – 71

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  • lincolnsqmom

    I am very happy with the Amundsen LSC results.  While maybe some people came out to vote b/c of the reasons listed in the article, I came out in support of Jeff Newman and Mike Cohen because as well as sending my children to our neigborhood elementary school I would also like to send my children to Amundsen, our neighborhood high school.  As my children have gotten older and I have started looking toward high school options, Amundsen did not seem like a very good choice as all I have ever heard about the school is negativity, not any of the good things happening there.  I think part of the reason for that is the current LSC and school administration has not engaged the community very well.  Therefore gossip, heresay and perhaps untruths have kept many from considering Amundsen.  I think Mike and Jeff, along with the newly formed Friends of Amundsen, will create a more open atmosphere where the community can learn more about the school and more importantly, give its support.

  • Ken Jones

    While we will have to wait to see the impact this might have on Amundsen HS, I think this is a clear win for micro-local journalism.  As the journalistic dinosaurs die and morph, I am scared about who will cover the local issues that actually impact our lives:  school board meeting, local police beats, neighborhood investments.  We certainly should not trust robo-calls (still shocked by that). Thanks to CenterSquareJornal.com for covering this.

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