Update on Mariano’s and Ravenswood Terrace

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mariano's development has just a few more hurdles to clear. Credit: From the developer

The wheels are turning slowly when it comes to bringing the proposed Mariano’s project on Lawrence Avenue to fruition, but they are still turning. The Ravenswood Station development — Mariano’s plus an L.A. Fitness targeted for a parcel formerly owned by Sears — is set to come before the Chicago Plan Commission on Aug. 16.

Once the Plan Commission signs off on the project, the proposal will be introduced to City Council, likely in September. Pending clearance of that final hurdle, the construction process can commence.

Plans for Ravenswood Terrace, a 150-unit apartment complex also being built on the former Sears site, have been modified since last viewed by the public, at the request of Ald. Ameya Pawar’s (47th) office. The most significant alteration: a six-story “amenities building,” intended to house a fitness center, community room and rooftop terrace, has disappeared, replaced by a five-story residential building and four-story building with green roof. (The remaining buildings are three-story six flats.)

Along with the green roof, more trees have been added, as well as space for a garden. A pedestrian walkway takes the place of a private drive. The modifications provide additional green space while reducing the project’s overall height. (See changes in document below; first page is original plan, second and third pages are alterations.)

Revised Drawings Ravenswood Terrace

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  • Mark Twain

    Someone should tell the developer that it’s actually the Union Pacific railroad.

  • http://spudart.org/ spudart

    I hope that the development looks attractive from the railroad. So many times I pass by areas on the Metra and wish that certain areas would take more pride in their appearance. It’s like the back-end always faces the Metra. However, a community’s reputation is greatly influenced by what people see from passing by on the train every day. 

    Look at the suburbs that have a downtown shopping district facing the Metra rail. Versus the suburbs that have parking lots and backs of buildings facing the train. There’s a train station right at Lawrence. Why not have this development look _inviting_ to the train commuters where they might actually consider stopping by to visit. There is a nice grocery store, why not actually have it face the train? 

    Build your communities around how train riders will perceive your area around the train and they will come. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/mikesmith.net Mike Smith

    So any idea on when they might break ground and/or an estimated date on when Mariano’s might open for business?  I have my shopping list ready to go!

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