Trash Talk: Our Dumpsters Runneth Over

By Patty Wetli | Friday, August 10, 2012

A kink in the grid garbage system. Credit: Flickr/oatsy40

Scott Bloom, the new president of the Winnemac Park Advisory Council, ticked through a list of the reinvigorated organization’s early accomplishments at this week’s meeting of Winnemac Park Neighbors. “One of our immediate goals was to get more trash cans,” said Bloom. “That took five weeks.”

Yet residents noted that even with a beefed up number of receptacles, garbage is still overflowing in the park. What gives?

Blame it on the grid.

Coincidentally, Charles Daas, newly-named executive director of the Ravenswood Community Council, was also on hand to present at the meeting and had light to shed on the subject, having recently spoken with the folks at Streets and Sanitation. With the switch to the new grid-based system for garbage collection, Daas explained, trash in the 47th Ward is picked up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In other words, there’s no pick up in the ward from Saturday through Wednesday.

Ever seen a park, or a public square, after a weekend of heavy use? Yeah, that’s a load of rubbish.

“We are beginning to negotiate with Streets and San through our SSA to pick up on Monday,” said Daas, who added that leaders of other community organizations are likely holding similar conversations.

In the meantime, if you’re heading to the park, BYOGB. Bring your own garbage bag.
47th Ward Grid Garbage PickUp

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  • http://profiles.google.com/ericrojas2 Eric Rojas

    Thanks again for the updates from our meetings around Winnemac Park.  We also suggested a regular “Meet-up, Clean-up”.   The idea is a handful of neighbors can meet at a regular time and help clean-up the tot lot and fields plus  get garbage to the large dumpsters.  We had a real successful April “Clean and Green” day with coffee and donuts.  We think a regular Meet-Up can have a big impact and set an example for park users.  We also made the suggestion that parents can bring a garbage bag and gloves when they go to the park and have the kids help pick  up their area before playing.  Anyone interested in clean-up, please contact info@winnemac.org

    • http://spudart.org/ spudart

      That’s a great idea, Eric!

      • http://profiles.google.com/ericrojas2 Eric Rojas

         We’ll have an announcement for a “Meet up-Clean-up” soon.  I actually bring a small trash bag with the kids to the tot-lot and walk around picking it up.  Its no big deal.  I’m more surprised other parents don’t engage me in the effort or ask what I’m doing.

  • http://spudart.org/ spudart

    At first I laughed at the “bring your own garbage bag” line. But then, really, when I think about it, there is some truth to it. We often toss things right away into the trash. But what about recycling items? When I finish my sandwich at Potbelly’s I don’t throw the paper bag into the trash. Instead I fold it up and put it into my back pocket to recycle when I get home. The same could be said of some of the trash at the park that could be recycled. If there’s an overflowing trash can, come on, don’t add to the pile. People can certainly carry it to the next trash can or even recycle bin. 

    I hail Eric Rojas for getting more trash cans. That’s cool. Maybe there might be some recycle bins in the mix too? :)

    • http://profiles.google.com/ericrojas2 Eric Rojas

       The trash cans and increased garbage pick-up is an issue several people including Scott Bloom (Winnemac Advisory Council non-profit) have been working on for a few months.  More cans were provided by the park supervisor, but the big issue is trash can pick-up (the ones we see overflowing all the time).  It looks like we will have some resources and a plan for better pick-up in the near future.

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