Trader Joe’s to expand into vacant CB2 space

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, January 22, 2010

Trader Joe’s is eyeing the former space of CB2 in the 3700 block of Lincoln Ave. CB2 closed the Lincoln Avenue store January 17th after operating there for ten years. Trader Joe’s confirmed they were expanding but wouldn’t confirm how much space the store will assume.

The Northcenter Trader Joe's plans to expand into part of the old CB2 space. Credit: Mike Fourcher

The CB2 space was closed as the chain moved to consolidate operations in trendy areas. CB2 still maintains a store at 800 W North Ave and at six other locations.

The plan, which has already been seen by 47th Ward Alderman Eugene Schulter, calls for Trader Joe’s to take part of the former CB2 space.

“We can confirm that we’re expanding [our store]“, said Trader Joe’s corporate spokesperson Alison Mochizuki. But the headquarters staff declined to say more.

Off-the-record, store staff report that Trader Joe’s is planning to occupy only part of the former CB2 space, and that the expansion should be completed by the end of 2010.

Calls to representatives of Mid-America Real Estate Corporation, who is marketing the property at 3745 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL, to learn more about plans for the remainder of the property space, were not returned.

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  • http://www.spudart.org spudart

    Oh no! The CB2 has closed the Lincoln Ave location? When did that happen? +feeling out of the loop+

  • flaco

    more simple times beer please.

  • http://powderhornhockey.blogspot.com Jane Rickard

    I was in Trader Joe’s last Saturday and asked one of the employees about the closing of CBII and if they were going to take over any of the space. He told me they were going to move into it partially and use it for storage not for retail space. Hummm, that struck me as interesting as anyone who shops at Traders Joe’s knows that the retail floor space pretty crowded.

  • Karl

    No kidding. That TJs needs a major expansion. On New Years Eve I went and it was so crowded, a guy on his way out said to us walking in “good luck trying to get your food.”

  • Cathy

    It was easy to anticipate CB2 closing months ago because of the presence of the huge For Lease sign in the parking lot. When I asked an employee in December (yes, the check out lines do extend to the back of the store) about whether TJ’s was to expand into the CB2 space, he said yes, partially. What the different answer(s) tell me is that the parking lot won’t be shared with a new store. This is wonderful news because it is already much easier to park and shop at TJ’s, even on weekends.

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