To Dibs or Not to Dibs, That Is the Question

By Patty Wetli | Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the wake of last week’s blizzard, we heard countless stories of Chicagoans coming together as a community, helping out their fellow man, blah, blah, blah. And then the dibs wars started.

Where you stand on this issue likely depends on whether you’re a transplant or a native or whether you park your car on the street or have a nice, cushy garage. I definitely have my opinions.

Whichever camp you’re in—pro- or anti-dibs—you’ve got to hand it to the creativity of people participating in this Chicago tradition. There is some fascinating stuff littering the streets–where people find room to house these items year-round is a mystery to the storage-challenged among us.

Sure, you’ve got your standard-issue folding chairs and buckets. But I’ve also seen what looked to be a microphone stand propping up a broom, a Casio keyboard and, my personal favorite, what appeared to be a portable toilet for a disabled person. (TMI—I do not need to know that much about my neighbors.) A set of snow-covered chairs angled toward each other, as if in conversation, struck me as downright artistic.

So tell us readers, how do you feel about dibs? And what are some of the more unusual items you’ve seen on the streets? Send photos and/or stories to samantha@centersquarejournal.com or add photos to the RVJ Flickr pool.

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