This Week: NBGC Carnival

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, July 7, 2011

The crew put the last touches on the NBGC Carnival before opening yesterday evening. Credit: Mike Fourcher.

Wedged between Revere Park, Campbell Ave. and the WGN studios on Bradley Place is a vast parking lot that plays host to the annual Neighborhood Boys And Girls Club Family Fest & Carnival. It kicked off last night, runs through Sunday evening and is exactly what you think a carnival should be like.

Full of rides of all speeds, flashing neon signs, rooms that roll upside down, loud pop music that competes with gleeful screams and the ever-present smell of fried dough, the NBGC carnival is a timeless experience that seems perfectly geared for kids stuck between kid and teenager–as well as everyone else.

The carnival is one of the biggest fundraising vehicles for the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club, where about 1,400 kids participate in free summer and after school programs every year. We’ve written about the Carnival at length in the past with this conclusion: You should go.

A four-hour unlimited ride pass is $17 per kid on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. That’s the price you remember Great America to be for your 8th grade trip in 1987 (OK, after the Coke can discount).

There’s streetfest rock every night until 11:00 p.m. too (Here’s a band list, but really, does it make you want to go more?), and if you haven’t gone on a lit up ferris wheel at night with your sweetie while so-so rock plays in the background, then you’re leaving all the real pleasures of life to Ralph Macchio and Elizabeth Shue.

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