The Chicago Pedestrian Plan Wants Your Input

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pretty much the opposite of what the Chicago Pedestrian Plan has in mind. Flickr photo.

Did you know that in Vermont, cars halt at crosswalks without the added incentive of a stop sign to let pedestrians pass? Oh, those crazy Green Mountaineers must be high on Ben & Jerry’s.

Actually, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), in coordination with the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Council (MPAC), is currently working on the Chicago Pedestrian Plan, which could make the city a little more like Vermont and a lot less like, well, Chicago.

If you haven’t heard of the Pedestrian Plan, that’s because so far CDOT and MPAC have spent most of their time creating a “vision statement.” With that exhausting task out of the way, they’re now ready to hear what you have to say about your dreams for a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Throughout the summer, Pedestrian Plan organizers will hold a series of public meetings to outline goals and collect feedback. For North Siders, the nearest gathering is scheduled for August 10, 6-8 pm, Truman College Cafeteria, 1145 W. Wilson. Try walking there.

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