The Answer to World Peace? Maifest

By Patty Wetli & Sarah Tilotta | Monday, June 4, 2012

Maifest brings out the German in all of us. Credit: Sarah Tilotta

If only NATO and the international media could have come to Maifest, they’d have seen what it looks when hordes of Chicagoans take over the streets not in protest but to par-tay. Wanna bring about world peace? Give everyone a brat and plastic mug full of beer (and don’t forget to discount the refills).

After a soggy start on Thursday, the fest took a sunnier turn on Friday that lasted through one of those gorgeous weekends we’d all love to bottle. A picture perfect Saturday brought out the beer-loving throngs from Lincoln Park and Lakeview; the Western “L” platform offered a bird’s-eye view of the wall-to-wall sea of humanity below. Waits for food lasted 30 minutes, but how about that Thuringer dinner.

Sunday evening felt like the time most neighborhood folks opted to brave the corner of Lincoln and Leland. The atmosphere was more laid back with elbow room to maneuver strollers and dogs, both of which were out in full force.


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