St. Matthias Runs “Spooky Sports” Competition

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, November 3, 2011

The winning "Green Team" from St. Matthias Spooky Sports Day. Credit: Chouinard Photography

We don’t get a lot of press releases from local schools, but when we do, they’re rarely as adorable as what we got from St. Matthias. Here’s what they sent us:

St. Matthias School students, 4910 N. Claremont Ave., took part in “Spooky Sports Day” last week, as a healthy Halloween celebration. Students in grades kindergarten through 8 competed as teams in various games and races, and the winning team was awarded the Mustang Cup.

Alanis, a sixth grader, had this to say about the second annual celebration, “I like that the teams are made up of kids from all different grades, and the relay races are really fun and entertaining!” Josh, in fifth grade, added, “I like that it gives us time to run around and have fun on Halloween.”


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  • Anonymous

    Go St. Matthias!  What a great healthy celebration.

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