Sorting Out Daycare Centers In Roscoe View

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you’ve decided to work full-time and hiring a stay-at-home nanny isn’t a realistic budget choice, the search for good day care for your kids becomes a looming task. The first problem is, where the heck do you find these places?

We’ve got a list for you of locations in Roscoe Village and West Lakeview. But first, some background.

The State of Illinois breaks day care centers into two categories: Day Care Centers and Group Day Care Homes. “Home day care” is just that, it’s run out of someone’s home but can only care for up to 16 children. Home day care centers have somewhat less stringent licensing standards – but are also less expensive to operate and are more likely to lower fees. This reporter/parent’s experience is also that home day care centers can be real hit or miss, and depend a great deal on the owner/caregiver’s personality.

Click here for a state pamphlet on home day care standards.

The second category for the state, Day Care Centers, is also licensed by the City of Chicago. They are more expensive to operate and tend to be larger with many more kids and classrooms. But they also have more requirements for the operators, including more education requirements. As with home day care, day care centers depend a lot on the personalities of the teachers, but because they’re larger, the number of caregivers tends to even things out.

Click here for a state pamphlet on day care center standards.

Within those categories, there are separate licenses for under two and 2-6 year-olds.  Within those groups, there are different standards for infants (6 weeks to 14 months), toddlers (15-23 months), and for each of the ages two, three, four and five. Not every center cares for all groups because of the differing standards, so be sure to ask a center up front.

Roscoe View Journal obtained a list of licensed day care centers from the City of Chicago and added contact information for sites in the Roscoe View area. There are 28 centers in wards 33, 40 and 47, but only 14 locations care for kids under two. This is where you’ll really begin to see the competition. Some centers, like Concordia Place and Ravenswood Community Day Care, have long waiting lists – longer than two years – for their two and under classrooms.

So with long waiting lists, how do you get your kid in? Luck, and registering as soon as possible. Some centers require the child to be born first; some allow you to register as soon as you’re pregnant. It can never be too soon.

And where do you find a list of these places? Right here, in Roscoe View Journal. We’ve put together a list of all the centers in the Roscoe View area and added the websites and phone numbers we could find. Got any feedback on some of these places? Please put it in the comment.

Looking for a place further north? Check out our article on day care centers in Center Square Journal.

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  • Anonymous

    I would like to say that this article peaked my interest and then I read it.
    I’m a family childcare provider and have been for over 20 years and I think the information that you provided is not acurate. It is partially true but I think if you would have taken the time you could have gotten all the information correct.
    You also suggest that you will list Daycare homes and you do not.
    Parents are looking for information and it your going to provide it you really should get all the info that you can

    • Anonymous


      True, we do not list home daycare options. I think the article is pretty clear that we do not list those options. But these are the licensed day care centers as of October 21, 2010, according to the City.

      In my recent experience (last fall) as a parent looking at home daycare, many are not licensed, since there is a very gray line between a parent running a sharing option at home, versus a larger business. This is not a judgement, just my personal experience – and probably worth a longer article and more research. That’s why we stayed just with day care centers.

      • jlm

        If you were going to stay with daycare centers you should have just done that.
        I’m only commenting because as with schools people are looking for information that will help them make the best decision for their family and look at print as something reliable.

        There is a fine line between judgement and opinion.

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