The Good, the Bad, and the Crazy

By Cody Prentiss | Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo by Cody Prentiss.

Name: Rina Singh

What neighborhood she lives in:

Where we saw her: Working at the Shell gas station at North Western Avenue and West Montrose Avenue in Ravenswood.

How long have you worked as a cashier here?

Not too long. It?s been like five months.

What?s your impression of the neighborhood?

It?s a nice a neighborhood. The people are nice.

Where are you from originally?

I moved here from Nepal, India.

What made you come to Chicago?

The main thing was studying. You can get a good education here.

What was the hardest thing to adjust to when you moved?

Communication is the hardest part. In our country we really don?t speak in English. We learn British English, and over here it?s American. The way words are pronounced, everything is different.

Was there anything that surprised you when you moved here?

The people. There?s a lot of different people over here: some crazy people, some good people, some bad people. Some are really bad and some are really good.

Did you think they were going to be worse before you moved?

No, but there are so many bad people over here. You can find more bad than good. There are still good people, but from experience it?s hard to trust anyone. I like Chicago though. It?s a nice place to live in.


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