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By Cody Prentiss | Monday, July 5, 2010

Rachael Huttner. Photo by Cody Prentiss.

Name: Rachael Huttner

What neighborhood she lives in: Ravenswood

Where we saw her: Near the intersection of North Lincoln and West Eastwood avenues

What do you like about the neighborhood?
To begin with, I really love the neighborhood. I always wanted to live here since I knew it existed. I like how it’s quiet?but not too quiet. There’s bars and shops. I like how it’s not like Wicker Park or other areas in the city that get a little too crazy. I thinks it’s cute and I feel safe here, too. Compared to other areas, I can walk by myself at night, and I feel OK about it.

Is there anything you would change about it?
I really don’t think so. An issue in general for me is just biking and awareness, but that’s a citywide thing.

Are you in school right now?
Yes, I’m going to Harold Washington.

What are you studying?

Could you assign me a diet, and I’d be perfectly healthy with it?
Um, not there yet, but I think I could probably get in [the] ballpark.

Would you say you try to be healthy?

What made you pick that major?
Just an overall lifestyle type of thing. I’ve been an athlete and played basketball almost my entire life. I don’t play right now, so I just wanted to find other ways to stay healthy and stay in shape. I just think eating right is the most important thing.

What does your tattoo mean?
It’s a Dia de los Muertos skull. I’m half Mexican.

Where did you get the tattoo?
I got it at Tatu Tattoo. My best friend’s fianc? did the tattoo.

I assume you got a discount.
That’s how they met actually, so hopefully I get future discounts!

You said you helped build your own bike?
Yeah. With my tax return money this year, I wanted to get a single speed, but I didn’t want to just pick one out; I wanted to have some hand in putting it all together. It’s a way to learn about bikes, which is my goal ultimately, and I met this guy. We kind of collaborated. I did some of the work on it, [and] he helped on it.

Which part did you do?
I helped install the brakes. That was no easy task.

I would imagine. I couldn’t do it. Do you enjoy putting stuff together and taking it apart?
I do. I really do, but I learn better when its hands-on. So as much as I read books and try to do my own repairs, it’s much harder that way. To find someone who’s willing to teach me is huge.

Any other thoughts?
Check your mirror for bikers before opening your doors.

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  • Ansa Hogan

    Rachael is one of the sweetest, nicest girls I know.

    And Im not just saying that cuz she is my Godchild either.


  • Vera

    That’s my girl! I miss watching you play basketball though. Watching you bike would be tougher. Have a safe summer!

  • Midnight

    i love you Rach! too bad i don’t get to see you that much. i love this picture of you and your bike is NICE!! en cuanto al tatuaje, pues es grande … take care, UM

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