The Philippine Elections

By Hunter Clauss | Friday, May 14, 2010

Photo by Hunter Clauss.

Name: Estela Escudero

What neighborhood she lives in: Ravenswood.

Where we saw her: Near Budacki?s Drive-In, 4739 N. Damen Ave.

What do you like about Ravenswood?

There are a lot of young people. There are more businesses around because of that. You know how young people are. They love to eat, and they love to hang around, so businesses are noticing this area.

I also love this area because it?s accessible to everything. You have your bank there, you have the pharmacy there, a beauty parlor here. Two means of transportation?the El is close. It?s progressive. I was mentioning this to my co-worker, ?Oh what a lovely place. It?s very ideal.?

Where do you work?

Mount Sinai Hospital. I?m a medical librarian.

What issues or events have you been closely following?

It?s about my old country, the Philippines. The election was just last week, and I think it was the best. There will be more investors who go in there, and I think it will be more progressive.

Did you move from the Philippines to Chicago?

No, we lived in Taiwan at the Philippine embassy.

How was that?

My husband was an ambassador, and then we moved to the United States, and I studied here. It was a lot of fun. I love my life, so there are so many experiences that I?ve had already.


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