Permit Parking

By Hunter Clauss | Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo by Hunter Clauss.

Name: Carlos Pedroza

What neighborhood he lives in: Ravenswood

Where we saw him: outside of Beans and Bagel (1812 W. Montrose Ave.) after buying an iced coffee

What concerns he has about his neighborhood: “Permit parking. It’s not enforced at all by the police. We get a lot of people who are obviously from out of state or out from the suburbs who park in our neighborhood and take the train. Their car sits there for eight hours. Those who do live in the neighborhood and have a permit are forced to drive around the neighborhood to look for a spot.”

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  • Mike

    They definitly enforce the permit parking by my house.

  • Aesha

    Mine too. In fact, living on the east side of the Metra tracks a block from the Ravenswood stop, we had to park in one of the marked spaces along Ravenswood and when we got up for work the next morning, there was a “warning” on our car because we weren’t allowed to park in that space. I can’t help but wonder how people park there during the day and don’t get ticketed, unless the businesses have some sort of special permit or parking pass that’s not mentioned on the sign.

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