Crime and Kite Flying

By Cody Prentiss | Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo by Cody Prentiss.

Name: Michael Giustino

What neighborhood he lives in: Ravenswood.

Where we saw him: Sitting in Jeri?s Grill, 4357 N. Western Ave.

Is there anything you would want to change about Ravenswood?

Absolutely not. I?ve been living here a long time.

What issue most concerns you in the Chicago area?

Unemployment and crime. Children today, they don?t play outside. They stay at home, and they have iPods, computers, and the Internet. I don?t have a computer. I just have one TV at my house. That is it. You?ll look out some days and it?s beautiful, but you don?t see children playing outside.

What about in December when it?s really cold?

Me and my two brothers and two sisters played outside all the time. We didn?t play on games or Ipods. I fly kites two or three times a week in the park. I?ll have young children come by looking up at the kite, and I?ll say to them, ?You want to throw that kite.?? They?ll say, ?Nah, not interested.? You think it?s easy to get the kite up there?

Are you retired?

Yeah, I was a professional window cleaner. I worked downtown on the high-rises and office buildings.

Was that a scary job?

It can be depending on the weather. You always got to watch the wind. That?s the most important thing, but you?re attached to the building. You?re not going to go anywhere. I did that for 36 years. I think it’s more frightening walking some of these streets today then being up there. There?s nobody up there trying to rob you.

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