Furniture the American Way

By Cody Prentiss | Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo by Cody Prentiss

Name: Jim Doerty

What neighborhood he lives in: Ravenswood

Where we saw him: North Damen and West Eastwood avenues

What issue are you most concerned about in your neighborhood?

The parking. I got a couple of tickets where the rules were not posted clearly. It seems like we have more than enough parking surveillance but not enough police beat surveillance. I’m more concerned about personal and property safety.

What do you like about Ravenswood?

I like that it’s a quiet residential setting with a history. The older buildings are still here. Everything hasn’t been torn down. It’s not so overcrowded, like some of the more popular neighborhoods closer to the town, yet I can still have an urban setting and shop at local merchants.

You sell antique furniture. Has that been a lifelong career?

It’s been a lifelong process. I started like everyone else: digging fence post holes and went on to learn carpentry scales and to work on 20th century American homes for 25 years as a carpenter and contractor. Now I’m focusing on furniture for the homes I used to work on.

How do you think Chicago architecture compares to other cities?

Chicago is a great town for architecture and for the appreciation of that architecture. The general population is more informed and better educated about the history and traditional architecture that grew up here. Because it’s my interest, I find a lot of people to talk to.

I notice you’re wearing a White Sox hat. Do you ever get crap for being a White Sox fan?

I haven’t run into any militants or hardcore people who wanted to call me on the fact I’m wearing a South Side hat on the North Side. It seems to be okay.



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