Second Paulina Street Rooster Apprehended

By Mike Fourcher | Saturday, July 23, 2011

The offending rooster at rest. Credit: Sarah Tilotta.

This morning the residents of Paulina Street were allowed to sleep in. For the first time in six days, they weren’t woken up at dawn by a crowing rooster.

“Hopefully this is the end of the Paulina rooster saga,” said neighbor Michael Ferguson.

After days of pleading Animal Control to capture the second rooster, Stephanie Samuels, owner of Angel Food Bakery, 1636 W. Montrose Ave., offered a home for the rooster on her boyfriend’s farm. But capturing the loose fowl wasn’t easy.

According to three reports sent to Center Square Journal, five neighbors from the 4400 N. Paulina block converged on the rooster around 5:00 p.m., attempting to drive it into a dog cage.

“In the process the rooster ran into the street a few times. The last time it was bumped by a passing vehicle,” said neighbor Amelia James. The bird seemed to be relatively unhurt by the collision.

“The rooster is fast and wily to boot. Okay, he’s very, very fast,” said James.

Finally caged, Samuels brought the rooster to her Lincoln Square backyard for safekeeping before its transfer to the farm.

“Hopefully he will be okay and will live a long and happy life at Stephanie’s farm. I, for one, will try to buy more things at her bakery to help defray the rooster medical costs,” wrote James in an email to CSJ.

“And hopefully there will not be a rooster #3.”

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