Schulter sounds off on Daley’s street-sweeping plan

By Hunter Clauss | Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo by Matt Patterson.

Ald. Eugene Schulter (47th) is weighing in on Mayor Daley’s plan to restructure the city’s street-sweeping system. Earlier this week, Daley indicated he wants to throw out the current plan that designates one street sweeper to each ward. He instead wants to implement a grid system, which he claims is more efficient and will cut costs. But some City Council members aren’t happy about giving up their control over street sweeping.

“While the 47th Ward would not lose the quantity of service, I am concerned about the quality of service that this change will bring,” Schulter said in a statement.

Schulter isn?t the only alderman with concerns about Daley?s plan. Ald. Joe Moore (49th) tried introducing an order to address the issue at today’s special session of the City Council, which was called to confirm Daley?s appointments to two vacant City Council seats and add more employees to the inspector general?s office. But?Daley and Ald. Ed Burke (14th) blocked Moore?s move by citing various laws that prohibit certain actions from being taken during a special session.

?[The ward system] gives people someone they can hold accountable on a local level,? Moore told reporters after the council meeting. ?If you remove that from the wards and put it on some sort of gird pattern that?s going to be supervised by some faceless city bureaucratic in an office mile away from the ward, citizens won?t have anyone accountable.?

Moore said he?ll try and call a special session of the City Council to address Daley?s street-sweeping plan, but the mayor said he thinks Moore is trying to appeal to voters ahead of next year?s election.

?He?s running for re-election,? said Daley. ?He knows it. In fact last time he almost lost.?

The new grid plan goes into effect on April 1. Schulter said his office has requested an updated street-sweeping schedule from the city?s streets and sanitation department.

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  • Brian

    If it’ll save money, then go ahead and take it out of the Aldermen’s control. The current method doesn’t guarantee quality.

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