RVN Celebrates ‘Best Year Ever’ for Retro On Roscoe Profit

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This year's Retro on Roscoe was the most profitable ever, according to an RVN report. Credit: Mike Fourcher

This year’s Retro On Roscoe had its best weekend ever, best Sunday ever and best Saturday ever for both revenues and profits, according to a report made at last night’s Roscoe Village Neighbors (RVN) board meeting. The festival, which is owned by RVN and managed by Star Events, brought in over $412,823 in revenue and $146,627 in profit, according to initial calculations.

“This is the best Retro in the history of Retro,” said RVN President Brian O’Connell as he addressed the board. “So you can just look in the mirror and be proud that we’re going to be able to distribute more money than every before to the Roscoe Village community.”

RVN Treasurer, Chris Wilcox, was quick to point out that the final numbers may be somewhat different after some stray expenses are tallied.

In previous years Retro On Roscoe has usually collected $80,000 to $110,000 in profits, according to Wilcox. This year RVN had budgeted to make $71,000 in profit. RVN, a non-profit organization, uses Retro On Roscoe profits for community benefits, like programs at the Lincoln-Belmont Library and the annual Halloween and Easter parades. Earlier this summer, RVN announced that it has donated over $350,000 in contributions to the Roscoe Village community.

RVN Board members attributed this year’s big profit to this year’s rainless and perfectly sunny weather as well as RVN’s decision to take control of an second beer tent and performance stage, which would have otherwise been operated and staked by Star Events.

RVN estimates about 30,000 people attended the two day festival this year.

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