Roscoe Village Condo Prices Remain Relatively Consistent

By Laura Pearson | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This graph shows average condo sale prices in Roscoe Village from Sept. 2008–July 2010. Courtesy of Fran Bailey.

Local realtor Fran Bailey (of Baird and Warner) shared this graph with Roscoe View Journal showing average condo prices in Roscoe Village. She points out that while the prices vary from month to month, they’ve been in the same relative range for the past two years. In July, the average sale price was $343,000, and the median was $390,000.

“This chart shows that average condos prices in Roscoe Village are pretty much moving sideways, which is a lot better than the downward trend many Chicago neighborhoods are experiencing,” Bailey says. “I think this is due to buyers finding more home for the money than in neighboring Lakeview and Lincoln Park.” In her opinion, Roscoe’s commercial district is attractive to condo buyers and overall, the area “has a very comfortable neighborhood feeling.” She thinks proximity to the Brown Line is also a draw.

If you’re a local homeowner, what do you think?

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