Ravenswood Station Ordinance Passes City Council

By Sam Charles | Thursday, November 15, 2012

A rendering of the corner of Ravenswood and Lawrence upon the project’s completion in Fall 2013.

Fresh off its unanimous recommendation for passage by the Finance Committee yesterday, the ordinance to fully approve the development of the land at the northwest corner of West Lawrence and North Ravenswood avenues passed the city council today, with a vote of 48-1. According g to Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th), the lone “no” vote came from Ald. John Arena (45th). The only council member not in attendance to vote was Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th).

Pawar said the economic impact the development will have is reason to be excited, noting that more than 500 total jobs will be created as a result. The project will bring a Mariano’s grocery store, L.A. Fitness and Sears Auto Care Center to the area, in addition to more than 150 new luxury condominiums.

Construction is set to begin the in coming weeks and will be completed by Fall 2013.

Yesterday, the finance committee approved the request for more than $4 million is TIF assistance. Pawar has stated previously that the amount sought was far lower than the average request.

“We’ve worked extremely hard since taking office to build relationships in the council and Mayor’s Office so that we take on projects and complete them in a short period of time,” Pawar said.



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  • PulSamsara

    This is great – but –

    - what do we know about plans for west of Western to the river ?

    We have a great ‘anchor’ in Rockwell. Let’s tie this all together. What are the plans moving forward with the west end of this project ?

  • LS_Dude

    More condos???? I thought they were only building townhouses? That’s what we need in the area, more condos. Pawar is a SOS. Can wait to vote Schulter back in.

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