Ravenswood Rooster Alive And Crowing

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Ravenswood Rooster's new caretaker, Tom, with his charge, Tony. Credit: Dan Brinkmeier.

For those of you looking for the latest neighborhood rooster news, we’ve got an update for you on last summer’s Ravenswood Rooster, straight from alert reader, Dan Brinkmeier.

“The Ravenswood Rooster is alive and well, now living in North Park! Last summer’s Ravenswood Rooster (running around loose for a few weeks in yards around Paulina and Montrose) was hit by a car, and wasn’t expected to live. However, he has made an astounding comeback,  and is healthy and thriving in a family’s backyard in North Park. His name is now Tony (named by a little boy) and he is as fond of his new family as they are of him.

He still has a little trouble eating (his beak was broken when he was hit by a speeding jeep roaring down Paulina), but with some loving care, he is on the mend. He follows you around like a dog, and taps on the basement window to let you know that he wants in out of the cold. Even the neighbors don’t mind his crowing.”

We’re glad to hear the feathered guy has a name and a home where people enjoy his dawn wake-up-calls. Thanks for the update, Dan!

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  • Anonymous

    Aren’t roosters banned within the city limits ?

    If he starts crowing in my neighborhood – he’ll be in a pot !

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