Rahm Emanuel Holds Rally in Welles Park

By Samantha Abernethy with photos by Chris Murphy. | Monday, February 14, 2011

Rahm Emanuel addresses the crowd at the Welles Park gazebo. 47th ward candidate Tom O'Donnell stands to his right. Photo by Chris Murphy.

Rahm Emanuel held a rally at Welles Park Saturday, addressing about 50-60 people and encouraging early voting at the nearby field house.

47th ward candidate Tom O’Donnell stood next to Emanuel, but did not address the crowd. Emanuel’s staff said their appearance together is not an endorsement of O’Donnell.

Emanuel has supported Ald. Gene Schulter and appeared at the kick-off of his re-election campaign in October. Last month Schulter decided not to seek re-election and threw his support behind O’Donnell.

People in the crowd were passing flyers for the other 47th ward aldermanic candidates.

Emanuel gave a brief, light-hearted speech at the Welles Park gazebo. Then Emanuel walked with the crowd to the doors of the Welles Park field house, shaking hands and holding babies along the way.

Emanuel continued walking on to 42N Latitude at 4500 N. Lincoln Ave., swarmed by cameras and reporters. Along the way, he spoke with Center Square Journal about some of his favorite places in the neighborhood from when he lived on Hermitage Avenue.

Emanuel said he and his wife Amy would often go to Glenn’s Diner for seafood regularly for “date night,” followed by a movie at the Davis Theatre. He endorsed “neighborhood institution” Beans and Bagels for the best coffee.

He says he has spent plenty of summer days at Welles Park and is especially a fan of the Old Town School of Folk Music’s annual Folk & Roots Festival, which takes place at the park in July and features musicians from all over the world.

Photos by Chris Murphy.

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  • Anonymous

    So as usual, Tom O’Donnel thinks by standing by someone else, without saying a word, he can get by and win this election. Pathetic! Why can’t people open their eyes and realize he has nothing to say? He doesn’t show up at forums, he is riding the tails of his political supporters, but what will happen when he needs to speak for himself, and more importantly speak for us the people in the 47th ward?

  • Anonymous

    Tom O’Donnel ? Come on …. think for yourself.

    Check out all the candidates. Personally – I’m going to be voting for Ameya Pawar for 47th Ward Alderman.

  • Anonymous

    Wake up Rahm. O’Donnell is the problem NOT the solution to this city’s problems. Your campaign claims you’re not endorsing him yet I got a big glossy postcard in the mail from the O’Donnell campaign with YOU and him plastered all over it. Who ya kidding?? Guess it will be business as usual with you as mayor and O’Donnell as alderman. Want a change? Vote Del Valle/Pawar.

  • Anonymous

    If Rahm isn’t endorsing anyone, having a quote from him on an O’Donnell mailer–something like “our ward needs a man like Tom O’Donnell”–is an odd thing to allow to happen.

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