Public Art Mural Unveiled at Lillstreet

By Laura Pearson | Monday, July 26, 2010

Detail of the new public art mural at Lillstreet Art Center. Photo by Laura Pearson.

A 40 sq. foot public art mural was unveiled this past weekend at Lillstreet Art Center (4401 N. Ravenswood) in celebration of the center’s 35th anniversary. Composed of handmade ceramic tiles, broken pottery, scrap metal, bits of fabric, textured clay pieces, and other materials, the bricolage mural contains objects and tools from each of Lillstreet’s eight art departments (as well as a spoon, fork, and knife from the First Slice Pie Cafe).

The project was led by teachers Sonata Kazimieraitiene, Corinne D. Peterson, and Julia Sowles, who also work with the Chicago Public Art Group, an organization that seeks to unite communities and artists in producing high-quality public art. Many artists in the Lillstreet community had a hand in creating the mural—some of them quite literally: Clay hands, made from molds by students, encircle the paisley design.

This element, according to a press release, is symbolic on various levels: “The hands represent the means by which community members express their creativity in the materials with which they work, and the open, guiding hand that Lillstreet has provided to so many for the past three and a half decades.”

The mural is mounted on the west wall of the art center, just north of the entrance.

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    I agree with both this mural and pie from First Slice.

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