Police Make Arrests After Hamlin Park Shootout – UPDATE x2

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Hamlin Park fieldhouse. Photo courtesy of Chicago Park District.

Chicago Police arrested three people early this morning on the block of 2200 W. Barry Ave. after a shootout in the early morning before dawn.

UPDATE (9:55 a.m.) : The three offenders were part of a four person party in a vehicle that exchanged gunfire with Chicago Police officers in a marked car at 1:18 a.m. this morning, according to a police spokesman. The fourth person was not apprehended.

Nobody was reported struck by the gunfire.

Police are conducting their investigation and plan to release further details later this morning, according to a police spokesman.

The Hamlin Park area has been plagued by violence in the last two years. Earlier this Spring 19th District police took steps to curb the crime, as a gang hangout at INA Pantry, 2100 W. Barry Ave., was closed and a house with suspected gang activity, at 3111 N. Hoyne Ave., was targeted by police.

UPDATE: (12:02 p.m.): Anthony Chan, a neighborhood resident who lives a short distance away from the incident reports that there was a full-on police sweep through out the early morning hours.

“I was sitting in my house…and then I heard many pops, pop-pop-pop-pop,” says Chan. “I went up to my second floor, I saw two unmarked squad cars with their lights on but no sirens and they were speeding southbound on Levitt, and two [marked] SUVs. Then there were many, many [police] cars in that section of the neighborhood.”

A police helicopter then appeared around 1:30 a.m. and began a search with bright lights, Chan and other neighborhood residents have told Roscoe View Journal.

“At some point they taped off Barry [Ave.]. They taped it off before Levitt Ave…In my alley, there were squad cars everywhere and officers on foot.” By around 3:30 a.m., says Chan, police officers were going door-to-door, asking residents about the shooting.




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  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.beach.906 Charles Beach

    “plagued” … I would hardly consider our neighborhood plagued by violence. There has been a few incidents over a couple of years. There are neighborhoods in Chicago that are plagued by violence. Hamlin Park is not one of those neighborhoods.

    • phaedrus

      Agreed, Hamlin Park has been an example of how a neighborhood can be transformed. The Lathrop closings coupled with aggressive neighbor and park participation have helped fuel an impressive gentrification. The few hot spots left have been identified and should continue to be pressured and watched by neighbors.

  • Lisa

    I also object to the word ‘plagued’ because it is a total misrepresentation of our neighborhood. Please remove the word ‘plagued’ in the spirit of responsible journalism.

    • vouchey

      I’d say we’ve been pretty fair about our coverage. We have not sensationalized it, and we’ve labored to make sure we stick to the facts.

      However, some sort of descriptive is necessary to describe the inequitable amount of violent crime that persists in the area just northwest of Hamlin Park. The crime has continued, despite the changes pointed out by phaedrus, above, and the other measures taken by Chicago Police we have reported in the past.

      I do not think anyone welcomes the crime, and it is clearly persistent. Mirriam-Webster defines plague as, “a destructively numerous influx.”

      Can you suggest a better way to describe the problem?

      • http://www.facebook.com/charles.beach.906 Charles Beach

        Perhaps rather than plagued, “for the third time in two years gun violence has erupted in the Hamlin Park neighborhood.” This I believe is more factually accurate and actually relates the number of events that have occurred.

        • http://www.facebook.com/katie.k.reed.1 Katie Koehler Reed

          Whatever we call it, grab your neighbors and let’s have a strong showing at the 10/1 CAPS meeting. Our local politicians notice when there are numbers.

      • phaedrus

        Vouchey may have a point so lets put it to a test. In the first article, mention by the author, it was stated that since 2007 crimes in a one block area surrounding Hamlin Park peaked in 2009 with 110 reported crimes dropping for the next two years to 90 reported crimes in 2011. That is a drop of 22% in 2 years. I think that would equate to an outflux of crime rendering Vouchey’s own use of the word “plagued’ false. Perhaps even giving my earlier evaluation more credence, due to the fact that most of the Lathrop closings have happened over the last 2 years. Perhaps a longer timeline would be helpful, though this also could skew reality due to the possibility that people may now feel safer in reporting area crimes than they did 10 years ago.

        • vouchey

          Yes, and we did write about the drop in crime. We did write about the new efforts underway to curb it. We wrote about the formation of the Hamlin Park Advisory Council. I don’t think we’ve been focused on bad news. But bad news continues to come and the crime problems have yet to be solved.

        • phaedrus

          Well, then by your own admittance there has been an outflux of crime, rendering your own definition of ‘plagued’ false.

      • Lisa

        I do not need a dictionary to know that ‘plagued’ is a loaded word. And, according to your own definition does not apply. There is clearly not a ‘destructively numerous influx’ in this neighborhood. You make it sound like we live in a war-zone. If we have a plague, what is Logan Square… a contagion? The South Side one of the rings of Hell?

        How about sticking to the facts, which are: there was a shooting last night and it is not clear if it was related to anything going-on in the neighborhood. Or, has gone-on in the neighborhood. From the rumors I am hearing, and I live one block from the scene, this seems to be a random crime. There is no need to editorialize with loaded words. Just stick with the facts.

        How about checking-in with CAPS to find out what the REAL story is about Hamlin Park? I’d love to read a story about how much crime has dropped in this area– which is based on FACT.

        • vouchey

          We’ve been to CAPS meetings, and we’ve interviewed past police commanders. I don’t like the crime influx either. But really, is it the word that you’re so upset about? Or is it that it could be applied at all?

        • phaedrus

          It was just proved that over the past 2 years we’ve had an outflux of reported crime with a 22% drop. No one said they were upset. Could it be you have a bloated sense of self?

        • vouchey

          I am a news publisher. It goes without saying that I have a bloated sense of self. Haven’t you seen “Citizen Kane”?

        • phaedrus

          Yes I have and you know what happen to him and his hubris…rosebud.

        • http://www.facebook.com/charles.beach.906 Charles Beach

          Crime influx is wrong…crime is down in the neighborhood.

  • harryhamlinpark

    Have there been any updates on this (e.g. where/how it began, names of charged, did they find the 4th)?

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