Pig Out: Taste of Baconfest at Chalkboard

By Patty Wetli | Thursday, April 14, 2011

Presenting the Bacon Manhattan Milkshake with Cherry Pearls.

If your taste buds are still peeved that you didn’t score a ticket to last weekend’s Baconfest, here’s your chance to make nice.

For a limited time only, Chef Gilbert Langlois is bringing his Baconfest creation to Chalkboard (4343 N. Lincoln). Look for the Bacon Manhattan Milkshake with Cherry Pearls on the dessert menu and pig out.

When last we talked with Langlois, he predicted the next big thing in foodie-ville—after bacon, of course—would be customized presentations by chefs. True to his word, Langlois is now offering a “Chef’s Selection” menu at Chalkboard on Thursdays, in addition to items regularly posted on the board.

If you’re up for the adventure, he’ll create a three-course meal just for you; cost is $35, or $50 with wine pairings.

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